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mauvaise posture au travail Londres
améliorer sa posture au travail kiné Londres
bonne posture au travail kiné Londres
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Why Ergonomics are so important?

Bad workstation at home or at the office

Due to the repeated lockdowns, many employees are now working from home. They may have had to set up a temporary workstation at home without professional guidance or supervision and most of the time using not adapted chair, desk or DSE (Display Screen Equipment).

Prolonged sedentary work at a poorly set up workstation can give rise to back, shoulder, neck or limb pain or make existing conditions worse, particularly if the seating posture is poor.

So many times, assessing the patients we found that the source of their complaint initiate from a bad posture at their desk.

So many times we have experienced with our patients an improvement of their condition just advising some changes on their workstation.

That's the reason why we pay so much attention to this  aspect during our case history review and during our treatments. If the root of the condition takes its origin from a bad workstation, if we correct it, it will save time and energy for the patient and  for the therapist.

Repeated gestures in a wrong ergonomic balance

Our specialised team pay also a lot attention to MSK issues ( joint overuse, tendinitis, pain...) that find their origin in a repeated activity using  a wrong ergonomic position or handling tools, musical instruments or sports accessories not in the proper way.

This applies for example to:

  • professional musicians 

  • athletes, sportsmen (tennis players, golf players, fencers, runners...)

  • workers with the same daily repeated gestures ( factory workers, cleaners, desk workers...)

In those cases we will precisely analyse the dysfunctional gestures or dysfunctional grips in order to offer our patients solutions.  

Treatment as a patient


At the Practice, as a patient, you will benefit during your sessions from:

  • Standard Workstation assessments, moving and handling techniques assessments

  • Postural advices about correct sitting, standing or posture specific to your occupation, activities and sport

  • Tool advices for a better long sustaining sitting position ( footrests, armrests, backrests...)

  • Exercise prescription to modify your poor posture. You will be provided with a bespoke Home Exercises Programme to enhance postural awareness, increase joint mobility, control and strengthen muscles and correct imbalances.

  • Hands-on therapy focused on the main parts of your body involved or in link with the poor posture

From Home, you can ask for a standard Workstation Assessment using our Remote Video Consultation service.

(The fees will be the same as physiotherapy sessions)

Treatment as an Employee

DSE (Display Screen Equipment ) use can give rise to back, shoulder and upper limb pain or make existing conditions worse, particularly if the seating is poor, the workstation ergonomics are poor, or the user is sitting for too long without postural changes and regular breaks. (See the Health and Safety (Display Screen Regulations) 2002).

It is the duty of every employer to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees, and provide the necessary information, training and instruction. (Health and Safety At Work Act 1974).

If we assess that your worskstation is the main cause of your underlying condition, we can assist you in asking your employer for a Professional Workstation Assessment, (see below).

Dans une réunion

Are you an Employer?

You  care about the  health  of  your Team's members? 

You are aware that MSK conditions for Homeworkers have dramatically  increased over the repeated  lockdowns? 

You understand  how much benefit in work's efficiency you will get from your employees if their  posture at work  is  correct and comfortable?


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