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cabinet kiné français à Londres


Location and treatment rooms

Our practice is situated in the heart of the very sought South Kensington's district, just opposite the "Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres".

It is just 2 minutes walk from South Kensington Underground Station and is also very well connected with buses and trains. For more details about the access by transport please click here.

It is an independent physio centre located inside a brand new gym called Retrofit London.

This gym is led by a brilliant and dynamic Team that offer their members a splendid workout space with the most innovative fitness technology in the market.

The treatments take place in a very cosy room that we have managed to be as homely as possible, because we want you to feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

You will also enjoy the very calming music ( jazz, classical and acoustic music) that is running in the background.

For your comfort, large towels are provided to cover the treatment table and are changed after each patient.

When treating the babies or toddlers, we set up this room in a very "baby friendly" play mode style.

This includes a baby mat, gentle soft light atmosphere, toys, special music for babies, special children accessories for baby gym.

The treatments may also take place in larger spaces of the gym like the yoga class room that we can set up as 

a spacious work and play area for children or set up in an athlete's rehabilitation room.

At any time, during your treatment session our therapists can use the fitness facilities for an enhanced rehabilitation. This is ideal for a post operative rehabilitations or for a post Covid-19 rehabilitation, for example.

You can virtually visit the gym premises and facilities by clicking here:

As a patient, you are also allowed to use the shower or the changing rooms, before or after the session.

at the practice

Procedure at your arrival

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment

  • Check-in at the reception

  • Please wait in the waiting area or enjoy the café and lounge area

  • After the session, please respect  the social distancing circuit.

  • Covid rules are in effect as per government guidelines

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