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 Face to face appointments and Covid-19 safety measures

We would like to assure you that The French Touch Physio is closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and has put procedures in place that follow the PHE (Public Health England), the CSP (Chartered society of Physiotherapy) to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

Because of the risk of coronavirus infection, it is important that we make you aware that there is an increased risk of coronavirus infection if you choose to attend a face to face consultation, as the therapist and patient are highly likely to be in close contact (i.e. separated by less than 2 meters), despite all precautions being taken.
We have carried out a thorough risk assessment. To be able to be seen face to face, strict Health & Safety measures are in place at the practice to mitigate risks for the patients and the staff.

Please read and abide by the following measures.

Prior booking & attendance
Before booking, patients will be asked:

1. Their consent for face to face appointments. We need your consent to face to face appointments in the light of the risk of contracting Covid-19 and you understand that every precaution possible has been taken to avoid contamination.

2. Screening questions

We will arrange a phone call consultation prior to making a booking.
We will ask you if you would like a video consultation or if you are requesting to be seen face to face?
You will be informed of the procedures in place and safety measures which we have implemented for patients and staff, so you know what to expect.
We will offer remote video consultations when the benefit of attendance is outweighed by the risk and if you do not feel comfortable to come to the practice.

Patients and our Staff will not be allowed face to face appointments if:
– They have confirmed OR suspected Covid-19.

– They have or have had in the last 14 days: fever >37.7degC, persistent cough, symptoms of cold or flu like symptoms, sudden loss of sense of taste or smell. 
– They live with OR have been in contact with confirmed OR suspected Covid-19 afflicted people OR have symptoms of the illness.
– They or anyone in their household are isolating or shielding
– They have travelled within the last 2 weeks from ”high risk” countries
– If you are over 70s and at moderate risk ,or considered high-risk and extremely vulnerable
we may be better starting with a remote consultation

Staff & PPE

– Practitioners will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with the PHE guidelines: masks, disposable blouse/apron. Gloves will be used as much as possible unless they hamper the manual treatment. 

– Practitioners will always wash their hands before treatment and between every patient (stringent hand washing to take place for a minimum of 20 seconds in soapy water)

Distancing Measures taken at the practice
– Arrive on time at your appointment; If you arrive too early, you may have to wait outside the practice.
– If you are accompanied, your companion will be asked to wait outside the clinic, except for minors.
– Respect the social distancing between other clients and the reception staff.

What to bring and do before arriving at the practice
– Arrive wearing your personal mask or face- covering before entering the practice unless you are exempt.
– Please bring your own shorts for facilitate assessment and a towel to keep warm as we will not provide those.
– Arrive with as few belongings as possible and keep your phone in your bag or coat.
– If possible, use your own toilet before coming to the practice.

On arrival at the practice & within the practice
– Ring the bell and enter the premises.
– Clean your hands with your personal hand sanitiser or with the one provided at the reception.
– Avoid touching anything and particularly door handles, stair rails, and other equipment.


In the treatment room
– You will be asked to put your coat/clothes on the coat rack
– Couches are covered with plastic to allow disinfection
– Pillows are covered with plastic.
– We will use minimal physiotherapy & exercise equipment and if in use only if they can be protected/disinfected

Payment of Sessions and leaving
– Payments can be made by card over the phone to avoid contact with a card machine. Please avoid cash.
– Please contact us to pay for your treatment either prior to or after your session but it must be paid on the day of your session.
– If the card machine is used, the machine will be disinfected in between patients.

High Standard of Hygiene practiced by the staff at the practice to minimise risk of transmission
– Therapists will clean and disinfect in between use, the couch, chairs, equipment used and all touch points/surfaces with soap, disinfectant spray and disposable paper towel.
– Therapists will be cleaning their hands prior to and after the sessions and dispose of their PPE as per the NHS guidelines.
– Aeration of the rooms will be increased.
– The toilets facilities, including door handles, will be cleaned between appointments if they have been used. Soap, paper towels and bin are provided in the toilets.

We regret that you will have to expect slightly less comfort as pillows, couch covers will have disappeared!
Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. We must adapt together during these challenging times.
Keep well and safe and exercise regularly!

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